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You raise me up...

Publicerad 2010-05-27 21:55:22 i Allmänt,

And here I am, infront of the computer when I should be reading about gender.
I'm tired and my head is hurting! Just came home from 2 hectic hours at work and all I want to do is relax but I guess I've choosen to work and study myself so this is my destiny.
Good then that the book is interesting :D

With love!

Crying at the doorsteps

Publicerad 2010-05-26 23:15:51 i Allmänt,

Sometimes I just wonder if its worth all my energy and my thoughts when the person on the other side doesn't want to say anything or even acknowledge my efforts. But I can't help being who I am. We are just very different when it comes to handling emotions :(

I'm with you

Publicerad 2010-05-26 18:39:07 i Allmänt,

Jennie will be here soon and I'm getting more pictures from London. Woho :D
This day has been productive... I was working this morning, got home, went grocery-shopping(first time in ages!!), "fikade" on the balcony and studied... Jo, I feel good.
And tonight, I'm not working!! Jes, its going to be so nice to spend the evening at home :)
Plus my clothes has been delivered today and I can't wait to try them on! I think I need to go to the kiosk tomorrow and fetch them :)

With love!

Thats the way it is...

Publicerad 2010-05-24 22:42:33 i Allmänt,

What a weekend! I love that its summer, everything feels so much more easy. Its easier to get dressed, its easier to study (on the balcony that is;p), its easier to do stuff that are fun but doesn't need much planning.

My sunday was spent in Södertälje with Mélanie, a whole lot of coffee and even more talking. We share many of the same interests and lets just say that alot of time was spent discussing kings and queens and their agonies to reproduce ;) But obviously we talked about alot of other things aswell and we bought yummy burgers for lunch. Peter came home but I had to leave :( We got our daily exercise when we had to run for the bus :p I feel confortable, thats all that needs to be said! <3
The evening ended at my parents placa end they eventually came home from London.

Today my sister turns 17 and we got up early to sing for her. Happy Birthday sistra mi <3
And then my boss called and I had to work cause on of the girls had called in sick. Well, 3 hours for me and thats money ;) Got home and sat on the balcony studying while all of, and I mean all of, my clothes was in the washing.

Tonight at work was the most boring 2 hours in a long time. Not many customers and I just wanted to get home...
Talked to my man, whom I miss!!
Now I have to sleep. The story of London will soon be here!!


Publicerad 2010-05-23 09:36:59 i Allmänt,

Yesterday was sooooo warm! It was almost like a real summersday in May and I burnt my arm a bit :( We were all invited to Jacks one year birthdayparty and it was very nice. The cakes were yummy and the sun was shining. I think Jack was satisfied with the gifts he got...
After work I had my first grillning/barbaque/braai of the season at Linneás place. Me and Jessica joined her and we had a cool night as always until we had to go home because we were so tired from being in the sun all day.

Today its raining. Its funny, you almost forget that sometimes it does rain. But yes, that is the Swedish summer for you and maybe thats good for our heads. No joke, if the sun was up 24/7 for three month I bet that we'll be out of our minds :p

And today I'm going to Södertälje and Mélanie :D

Big City Lights

Publicerad 2010-05-20 22:22:35 i Allmänt,

Work and more work. But now I'm home after an evening spent with Jessica. Me like!

Today the sun has been up almost the whole day and on the 20th May 2009 me and James had our first kiss there in the archives :)

Can't believe it was a year ago since I last was in SA!! I miss it! I was thinking about that when I was walking to work, I want the big city lights...


Publicerad 2010-05-20 12:08:24 i Allmänt,

Eish, H&M are clever! They sent me an email about the Fashion Against AIDS collection and I fell inlove...

And on top of that I order other things aswell.. Ai, how is this going to end?!?

Surprise me

Publicerad 2010-05-19 16:16:10 i Allmänt,

I'm starting to think that I have a talent :p Got a good mark, better then some other exams  I've written actually, on my previous one. The one that I sat all in all maybe 2 days with... And this is a big load of my chest :)

England England

Publicerad 2010-05-19 12:29:39 i Allmänt,

I had a perfect time in London with Jennie and we did a bunch of things. I have so many pics to show you and so much to tell but for the moment I have to study plus I'm tired from to little sleep and to many thoughts. Taking a weekend off leaves you with alot of reading to do, I tell you!!

Starting with this: Me in front of Tower Bridge, like the tourist I am :p

London baby!

Publicerad 2010-05-12 14:16:24 i Allmänt,

Okey everyone... I'm off to LONDON for the weekend and won't be back until monday...
If the ashcloud is willing that is :p


24 little hours

Publicerad 2010-05-10 21:41:43 i Allmänt,

What a day!! Everyhing is going my way... Yesterday I got some great news that made me shiver a little bit (ask Elin and Jocke and they will tell you :p) and suddenly my life feels much easier :)

Today I actually slept until after 10am which is very good for me.. Then I had school and a seminar and it was a really interesting one about history and feminism. I came home and had dinner before I rushed of to work.
And eventhough I had a good nights sleep I'm tired now and think I'm gonig to bed soon...

In two days me and Jennie are on the way to London and I'm going to shop at Harrods ;p

Sunday sunday

Publicerad 2010-05-09 14:00:58 i Allmänt,

I'm just a very complicated person. Isn't it one thing its the other... Can't I just be calm like the days when I have alot of things on my mind or like yesterday when I'm buzy doing other things. Eish.. I'm just a typical girl that thinks tooooooooooo much about EVERYTHING...

And so the story goes

Publicerad 2010-05-09 10:23:32 i Allmänt,

Sitting at my parents place after a cool nigh with all my girls. The evening was spent at Jessicas place and for once we managed to be all 6 of us :) And we had the best of times! Just eating non healthy food and drinking non healthy drinks we sat there talking for a good 5 hours. When the time was past 1am we were all pretty much sleepy so we decided to call it a night...
I hope it won't be to long until the next time... <3

It doesn't seem right

Publicerad 2010-05-07 15:53:34 i Allmänt,

Me and my so called dreams. Jeez...
I "woke" up at about 11.30 pm and realized that babe was not in my bed sleeping next to me.

I started to panic - where is he?!? So in my half awake - half asleep mode I stormed out of my room and searched the whole apartment, including the bathroom, but obviuosly I didn't find him. I only woke up from my strange sleepwalking when I put on the lights in the kitchen.

My heart was pounding so hard that it felt like it was going to jump out from my chest. I lied down on the bed to realize what had just happened...  Jo, that was really scary and I didn't calm down for a good couple of minutes later... Eish, this is not the first time that I've been imagining things before I'm actually awake and I feel just as panicked each time... No fun!!


Publicerad 2010-05-06 22:02:45 i Allmänt,

The best thing when the day has come to an end is that you can go to sleep without guilt. I like the total feeling of freedom before you sleep (if some weird thought doesn't catch you that is) and you just feel how tired you are.
Tomorrow I'm leaving Nynär for a little while and I need that. I guess I'm a big city girl sometimes... Plus, its nice to actually be able to go somewhere else then work for a change.

No I'm going to the land of my dreams. Nite!

On the track

Publicerad 2010-05-06 11:37:58 i Allmänt,

Jo, this "back to reality" hit me in the stomach, literally!! I've never felt so tired as I do now, I'm even more clumsy then usual, my tummy has decided to hurt and make noices every evening and my hair is dirty... Eish!

But no more of this, from now on I will be a happy bee...
This is something that my man taught me to watch to cheer me up. It doesn't make much sense if you don't know the lingo in SA but jo, its funny!!!! :)

Bafana Bafana

Publicerad 2010-05-05 22:59:47 i Allmänt,

When my man came to visit he bought a cute little leopard named Zakumi with a glowing football in his hand. Zakumi is the official mascot of the Fifa World Cup 2010...

As if SA would not have been my team of choice (now that Sweden didn't qualify) before it is definitely my team now. I'll be sitting glued to the TV on the 11 june - probably at my parents place so Elin can watch something else and I won't disurb her with my screamimng :p.

10 days

Publicerad 2010-05-05 13:04:07 i Allmänt,

To be completely honest the days spent with my man are hard to grasp. What exactly were we doing? Let me try to recap for you guys:
Friday: I woke up and I was sooo nervous and excited :) Came home from the airport, long flight for my love so we just realxed and cooked.

Saturday: We took the train in to town, walked around abit and had a beer i Gamla Stan. Then we met up with my parents and sister to eat and then see Bounce. Cool show!!

Sunday: We had a lazy day and we only managed to go get ice cream with the girls.
Monday. Nothing!!! How often do that happen?! And on top of that I could lie next to someone while we were watching TV :)
Tuesday: We took the train to Söder, had a beer and went shopping. Amazing to have a man who LIKES shopping and looking for clothes... No boyfriendchair here :p Met with Mel and Peter and had dinner and drinks :)

Wednesday: Me and James went home to my parents for dinner. Lekka evening!!!
Thursday: I handed in my exam and then we went shopping for shoes and jeans... Ended the day at TGI Fridays before we went home, exhausted!!

Friday: Washing was scheduled and after that we went to Kungens Kurva to look for workpants for babe. They don't have them there in SA so.. Ended up eating at Pizza Hut and started the loooong journey home...
Saturday: We had dinner at Jessica's place with the girls and party in Gamla Stan. Had a lovely evening <3

Sunday: A bit hungover we ordered pizza and met my parents and sister for ice cream.
Monday: Goodbye :'(

Forever and always


Publicerad 2010-05-04 14:41:17 i Allmänt,

For the first time this year I'm sitting with my computer on the balcony. The sun is up but I wouldnt say its warm enough to just wear a t-shirt yet. Anywho, I'm sitting here and its so nice with spring again.
Well, back to normal again and I think I have to start reading again. I've been neglecting my studies here...
Thinking about my babe who is still on the plane to Cape Town...

Time of my life

Publicerad 2010-05-03 22:14:45 i Allmänt,

These last 10 days have been absolutely lovely. I've actually been feeling that I'm in a relationship. With someone that I feel comfortable with. I fear that I will be missing him even more now but it was so worth it. And now, for the first time in more than a week I'm  going to sleep alone in my bed :(

Tell you about our week later!
5 am, here I come...


Publicerad 2010-05-01 13:56:52 i Allmänt,

Don't worry. Im still alive and kicking and enjoying my last days with my babe...


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