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Free falling

Publicerad 2011-07-30 19:31:24 i Allmänt,

Sitting out here on the balcony. The weather is so nice! I don't know how I could ever stand living in a place without a balcony! No, thats a high priority of mine I tell you :p

Yesterday DN-galan was fab.
I did forget my camera so no pictures this year. But Jennie took some.

Obviously we all was waiting on Usain Bolt and this year he did win. Pju ;) It was a close call tho... But the rest of the competition was good aswell eventhough I was a bit tired after work. Spencer got a diamond as she broke the Stadium Records on 400 metre hurdles and apparently my sister got to kiss Thorkildsen on the cheek at the afterparty. Damn lucky girl ;) So tomorrow I'm going to want to hear all the details...


Wait a minute sister

Publicerad 2011-07-29 13:55:49 i Allmänt,

On my way to Stockholm, just made a quick pitstop after work to change and leave some stuff here.

Tonight its DN-galan, psyched! :)
Its always such a nice event... I wonder who sings the national anthem this year and if Usain Bolt manage to win?

Dance on table tops

Publicerad 2011-07-28 20:57:38 i Allmänt,

Yepp, I know that I'm a bit "late" but gosh, I love this song!

And its so funny that the Hanson brothers are in this video.
I remember when they were popular with Mmmbop. Me and my siblings used to perform as the brothers. My brother was Zac on drums, I was Taylor on a keybord on the end of the bed and my sister was Isaac since she didn't understand much what was going on so we could force her to be the "boring" and "ugly" one.... Haha :)

I still know the lyrics ;p

Wednesday evening

Publicerad 2011-07-27 21:33:59 i Allmänt,

I'm just about to go to sleep. Spent the day reading a SOLO magazine and watching TV, perfect. Tomorrow I'm going to go home for the night, my mommy is home alone so I thought I'd join her. Friday its DN-galan and Jennie is going to go with me and my mom and the gang...



Publicerad 2011-07-26 19:38:20 i Allmänt,

Usch usch, I want to cry here. All my fibers in my body chrinches when I hear the parents scream and scold and their child just yelling out of panic. Its been 15 minutes and they won't stop. :/

I know a place

Publicerad 2011-07-26 13:47:54 i Allmänt,

I'm tired 24/7 these days and I don't have the energy do do anything productive at all which affects me trying to find a job. Sigh. But I'm not complaining, I figured that as long as I have a job I will try to work as much as I can to make some money before autumn. I'm sitting in the sofa by Elin&Jocke&Johanna now and I'm about to finish my last ever school assignment and email it to my teacher. After that I have to take a walk down town to buy some groceries and stuff... This evening I'm going to Emelie's to just have a cozy evening :)


I need to stop thinking about everything, about someone, its messing up my mind and I don't want that!

You had my heart inside your hand

Publicerad 2011-07-24 17:44:23 i Allmänt,

Today I feel like a wreck! Spent my evening yesterday with Emelie and Jessica at Freja. We had dinner and drinks. But I didn't drink that much, I was working this morning at 6 am. The night was cool and we had a ball anyways. When the place closed at 1ish I thought that 4 hours of sleep is more than enough. I decided to take the train and get off at Gröndalsviken. BUT, the doors did not open when we entered Gröndalsviken! The buttons didn't even turn green... Something was wrong with the flipping doors but luckily we got off at Nynäs Gård and I could walk back to Fröjas. Thank you best Elin&Jocke for letting me sleep by you. I promise the flowers will be topnotch when you get back ;) <

Anyways, I had a lekka night and it was all worth the 3 hours off sleep I got.
Now I'm at my parents house, working was cool and we had a lot do to. Now, I've been sleeping since I came home :p

All my love goes out to the people of Norway, especially the ones who have lost someone or someone who managed to escape.
It is absolutely terrible and my eyes tears up just writing this. I get chills... I don't understand how a person can hate that much? :/

I can still remember

Publicerad 2011-07-21 19:35:50 i Allmänt,

Sitting here by the table in my old home aka Elin, Jocke and Johannas apartment. I'm housewatching and watering the flowers while Elin and the gang spend their holiday up north.

This morning I worked as per usual but its all worth it because Im going to have lots and lots of money in the end of this summer. Atleast its lots of money for me, the poor used-to-be-a-student :P This afternoon was spent at the library as I try to finish my last schoolwork. And I'm going to reach my goal to be done by this weekend. Yey, new phone is my reward. Although I'm abit scared, I have taken way to long to grade my thesis. Maybe they are just on vacation?! Lets hope so...

Yesterday me and Jessica had a very spontaneous drink at Freja. Oh, it was so nice! A bit cold and not at all the weather Nynäs and Swedish summer is at its best but still...

So long for now!

One love

Publicerad 2011-07-17 12:38:38 i Allmänt,

Going to hit the shower in 2 secs. I just want to write here quick. Today is warm but the sun is still not out all the time. But it is warm and I enjoyed my breakfast outside. I slept until 10.20 am today. I took my time and read DN while daddy is working on our new veranda. What do you say about a braai there in the near future?!? :) Between workshifts tonight I'm going to meet some of the girls and I don't know what we are going to do but I have to atleast eat something before I go back to work.

Yesterday I downloaded all my 3388 pictures on to a USB. So now my old and sweet friend can crash any minute if he wants ;) This is the last one I took. We do look abit alike in this picture, me and my sister...

And oh, what a game last night!
Jo, the goal was so cool and I'm so happy. Go girls!

No, taking a shower it is...

Around you

Publicerad 2011-07-15 17:16:49 i Allmänt,

Today was the last day for 3 days that I had to set the alarm at 4.40 am. Yes!
Met Elin today, it was so long since and its always so lekka to meet her. She knows me in and out <3.

We had lunch at Janni's and had a quick stop at Lindex where a bought the most amazing top ever, I just love the colour!!

And after searching my moms wardrobe I found this nice red belt :) Score!

A thought

Publicerad 2011-07-04 21:47:57 i Allmänt,

Thunder only happens when its raining...

Not that its raining on me at the moment but I like the thought that exciting things happen when you least expect them too :)

Don't want to fall asleep

Publicerad 2011-07-03 22:16:06 i Allmänt,

After work on friday I felt crap. I believe it was the garlic that we had on thursday night, I swollowed two strong whole pieces and when I woke up I still could feel it. Uiks! :/ It might be the case that I have inherited my dads intolerance to garlic. Noooo :/

So what I did on friday was just relaxing. We had dinner outside and we stayed out until 10ish talking. It was perfect!
On saturday I felt better. Worked from 2ish and met Emelie, Jack and Jessica in the harbour to have dinner between my two shifts. We took Jack to the playground and the whole harbour was just full off people. After that we had a nice walk around Nynäs. I just feel so blessed to have friends who is always there!
Today I had the day off. Before grandma came I ran abit. Granny came and we had fish curry and potatoes and strawberries. Now I have to sleep, early day tomorrow!


You know, sometimes I just don't want to keep this distance...


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