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Publicerad 2010-03-31 14:33:19 i Allmänt,

And now I feel like a proper adult.

Today I actually bought sweets for the kids that will be knocking on our door tomorrow dressed up as Easter Witches.

Sound asleep

Publicerad 2010-03-30 19:53:22 i Allmänt,

Seems like all I'm writing these days is that I'm tired. But that is the case right now..
Today I went shopping and I bought myself a jacket and a scarf :) The day at school was okej and we talked about the UN and blablabla...

Now Elin and I are sitting by the table with both our computers. I should read but right now I'm to tired to get into the whole colonialisation and what it has done for indigeneous peoples...
Well well, later!

On and on

Publicerad 2010-03-30 09:08:40 i Allmänt,

A nice long sleep and now Im ready to start reading..
Wish me luck!

Ursprungsfolk i internationell politik och rätt

Come together

Publicerad 2010-03-29 21:38:28 i Allmänt,

Well hello there...
Back from a hectic weekend. And now I just wanna "die" in your arms...
Saturday was easy and ended with a nice dinner and lots of new friends. It was nice to meet someone who had been to SA, we ended up exchanging experiences all night...
And then, summertime.. Jes, you loose one hour of sleep since you turn the clock forward one hour.
Well well, up on sunday and away to a leasdershipcourse, interesting and fun :)
Came home and hade nice "fika" with the girls <3
Today we started a new course at univ about indigeneous peoples and their fight for justice and so on. Sounds like something Im really going to like. After that I rushed home, had supper and ran to work...

I think its time to go to bed now, lots to read tomorrow...
Im tired, just like this sweet:

Nitie nite...

Remember forever

Publicerad 2010-03-27 07:43:05 i Allmänt,

Now I'm of to a the VIP weekend with YFU, the organisation that made my exchangeyear happen :) Its going to be fun to meet new people and learn new things...
I doubt that I will be writing here when I get back, I'm already tired :p But you never know with me...


Two beds and a coffee machine

Publicerad 2010-03-26 16:12:57 i Allmänt,

Tired after hours infront of the old MacBook I'm actually going to put on some mascara, so that I feel like a human again for awhile, and take a walk down town. I need flowers, coffee and bread. And then to a little secret. After that I might be popping in to see if they have any nice things at Lindex.



Save it for a rainy day

Publicerad 2010-03-26 09:26:06 i Allmänt,

Today I'm going to buy new flowers for my room and maybe some tulips aswell.
I love living flowers and its a shame that for what it's worth, I'm not very good at keeping flowers alive... But you can learn ey :)

And if you want to comment, anywhere in the blog, feel free to do so in any language :)

On a midnight train...

Publicerad 2010-03-25 22:10:21 i Allmänt,

My work today is done. After working this morning, walking home and then staring at the computer for a couple of hours, doing my washing and working again I think I can sleep now. I'm exhausted and the waffles that Elin and Jocke had prepared was just perfect :D

I was actually thinking today that I'm abit proud of myself for juggling both work and uni studies. And I know that you should not say that (at least with our Swedish mentality) but I don't care, I'm doing fine...

Sweet dreams!

A very needed break

Publicerad 2010-03-25 14:18:10 i Allmänt,

And now I've written all of the words needed to hand in the exam. But I'm far from happy with the result :( Luckily I was checking out Mondo (our very fun website for information about the course) and guess what?! We have until tomorrow at 11 pm to hand the exam in. Talk about a weight lifted of my shoulders. Now I have the whole day to finish everything! But by then, I want to be done with most of it so I only have the finishing touches left...

So what am I doing writing this? Back to work :p

And when it is all over

Publicerad 2010-03-24 22:54:22 i Allmänt,

This is actually the first home exam in ages that I find interesting to write. I guess I've picked the right path after all ;p However, a day in front of the computer leaves you with a sore head and itchy eyes so now I'm going to wash my face, brusch my teeth and go to bed. Tomorrow I'm going to focus on Lines...

Sleep tight!!

You got me good

Publicerad 2010-03-24 13:35:36 i Allmänt,

This song is making it impossible to study and it's stuck on my mind.
Maybe not the best of tracks but there is something in the way it makes me want to dance and sing...

I thought I was cool

Publicerad 2010-03-24 10:33:01 i Allmänt,

Now with the spring almost here I feel the urge to go out and spend some money. I don't want to walk around in my dark winter clothes anymore. I want new clothes, new accessories, new shoes...
And when you want something and your economy does not really allow it I think of it as a reward. Therefore, after I'm done with this exam I'm going to let myself buy new things.
And especially these bracelets from Afroart:

A pair of denimshorts and a white shirt, a jacket and colour :D Woho, 10 for 100 sek :) Love...

Welcome to my new blog!

Publicerad 2010-03-23 10:01:29 i Allmänt,

Some of my friends seem to think of me as some kind of expert in the English language. And its true that I don't have any problem speaking it, even if it comes out wrong sometimes ;p. However, my grammar and spelling are a disaster. So, as one of my other friends suggested, I'm going to write this in English.
Its perfect really beacause now my friends from all over the world can join me :)

So from now on this is my new blog. Hope you will enjoy it!!


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