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Publicerad 2010-04-22 21:32:55 i Allmänt,

I'm going to bed soon I think. I just want it to be morning as soon as possible. And if my calculations are right then the front door is going to start making that lovely noise at about 4 am...  Hopefully Im used to it by now so I can sleep through it but I doubt it :( And even though the guys were going to fix it on wednesday they haven't succeded. Eish, just unplug it for a while until you fix that flipping electric problem will you!?!?! Have to call, again, tomorrow...

Sleep tight everyone... <3

I'm only human

Publicerad 2010-04-22 16:00:13 i Allmänt,

Do you know the feeling when you can't sit still? When peace and quiet is the last thing on your mind and your legs are on the move whenever you sit down? When your mind is on different things than completing whatever you started?
That is what I'm feeling right now. Last time was probably graduation, but that was far from this feeling of excitement. My poor exam is not getting done and instead I'm cleaning my closet (Huh?!? How did I get that idea?!).

Nope, now I have to write about indigenous people for a while instead of sitting here...

Hold on

Publicerad 2010-04-20 20:58:02 i Allmänt,

Eish, this is starting to get on my nerves.
This ashcloud is too much for my little head to digest and I hope that it will go away NOW. Well well, its only tuesday so hopefully they will be able to fly on friday.
The exam that we just got is something that requires alot of thinking and organizing and I have to do it before friday. Eish...
I have a small but oh so annoying headache that comes every evening. Im stressed and tired...

But lets look at it from the bright side:
James is getting here on friday, the exam is interesting and the headache will go away...


Don't stop believing

Publicerad 2010-04-18 16:48:33 i Allmänt,

Today I ate my first icecream for the season. I tried Solero Fruit Ice Pineapple. It wasn't that good tho :( Eish, I who normally love pineapple...It was nice seeing the girls again. We talked and made plans. <3

Yesterday me and the family (minus brother tho) went to Sturebadet.

It was so nice and relaxing. Went around in my bathrobe the whole day and tried Afro Power again. Today my back is sore!!! The food there was not to bad either. I loved the smoothieshots :) After that day I felt good but tired. You get tired from being relaxed, strange huh?


Catch a falling star...

Publicerad 2010-04-18 00:26:39 i Allmänt,

and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day...

This is my rainy day. Or should I say days. I just wish that the wind would turn or something so I don't have to wait here in this uncertainty. Its amazing what mother nature can do? The earth truly does not belong to us, we belong to the earth...

Keep all your fingers, your toes aswell if its possible, crossed so that my man can come here on friday!

Don't stop me now

Publicerad 2010-04-15 21:46:14 i Allmänt,

Finallly, today it finally sank in. Babe is coming here in one week!!! I can't control myself with happiness and excitement. I've been waiting for this for months and finally, finally its happening!
No, I think I must watch some TV to calm my nerves...

Somewhere only we know

Publicerad 2010-04-13 21:50:37 i Allmänt,

On my way to work a couple of hours ago I walked by a park, Svandammsparken for those who know Nynäs. The air was crisp and the sun was setting creating a beautiful mirror on the pond.
The air was smelling of water, wet soil, seaweed, birds and fish. The ocean!
I had to drag in the scent in my nose a couple of times and just enjoy the moment... Ahh, I just love this town sometimes.


Publicerad 2010-04-12 22:34:58 i Allmänt,

Today has been a looooong day!
It started at 7 am when the clock rang and I begun to read for school. After that I prepared for work. Nothing really happened at work and at 11 I took the train to town. Met with the group,discussing the book. It seems like everyone are thinking that the book was hard to read and had much criticism but I am of a completly different opinion, Ah, well...We had a seminar and then we I could actually take the 16.19 train. Woho I thought, now I would have almost one hour to spare at home before I had to leave before work again. But I was to quick to think that thought and after delays and a change of train I came home exactly the same time as I use to. Sigh. Had to rush with the food and left home on a full stomach.Work was calm and when I got home I just did nothing!! I had some cravings and I know why but I live with such a nice roommate that she bough what I wanted on the way home from work <3

The good thing about today is that I was able to take the short cut home from the trainstation.
It is spring indeed :)

I've got dreams

Publicerad 2010-04-11 09:26:19 i Allmänt,

I just realized that I had a pretty weird dream tonight. Nothing can be compared to being attacked b a giraffe but still.

I was working in the shop, everything was normal. Suddenly an old classmate whom I haven't seen in ages turns up. She says that she wants a Fanta (obviously not recognising me).
"Do you want can or bottle?"
"Ehm, do you have anything other than Fanta Orange?"
"Mhm, I have Fanta Exotic and Lemon"
"Ok, no I'll have orange"

At that moment, what appeares to be her travelcompanion shows up and buys somethig. And then, my old calssmate wants a Zingo too.
The End

Haha, okej,not so interesting as I thought but still. I never remember dreams.
The fun thing is that I know that this girl is abroad and I think my dream was about the fact that in SA I loved Fanta Pine(Apple) but they don't have it here in Sweden. At least not as I know... And therefore I'm stuck with Fanta Orange... :p


Publicerad 2010-04-09 08:37:53 i Allmänt,

Up early on a day off. And thats because my washing needs to be done. Well, to be honest, its good for my studies also, I've already read 10 pages. Thumbs up :)Later today I'm going to call my mom to see what the plans for today are. The weather is not very good so maybe I will take a trip to go shopping for clothes? We will see, its going to be packed I think with the Easter holida for the schoolchildren.... What I do know is that I'm sleeping at my parents house and tomorrow Im meeting the girls for movie night :)

Today its two weeks until babe sets his foot here on Swedish soil. Suddenly the days that went so quickly are starting to drag their hours. I just want it to be friday morning, me getting ready to go fetch him on Arlanda.
But I have to focus on what I need to do before he comes here and it will go faster, right?


Spending all my money on phonecards

Publicerad 2010-04-08 21:51:13 i Allmänt,

I will soon prepare to go to bed but first a quick recap of today's events.
In the morning I started to study, had breakfast and then a quick shower before me and Elin went to go shopping for groceries. Its been ages since and now our fridge and freezer are full once again :) I love that!! Elin went to her parents and I went home.
The original plan was for me and my siblings to go to the movies but a change of plans resulted in that we rented a movie instead and bought yummies before going home to our place. Bröllopsfotografen was the movie and it was okey evenyhough it might not be a movie that is stuck on my mind a longer time than one day :p
The evening has been about studying and showering.

At the moment I have this picture as my screensaver. It was taken one year ago in my parents garden.

Its amazing how things can change in one year.

My heart is by your side

Publicerad 2010-04-07 11:43:50 i Allmänt,

Heihei, whats up?
Been sitting this morning trying to download some articles that we need for the course but since I'm far from a technical genius it doesn't seem to work. Maybe I should ask my dad? :p

I also promised my friend Emma in Umeå to show a picture of my lite laptop cover that I got for Christmas. So finally, here it is:

Doesn't it look nice?! And romantic...

No, now I have to get ready befor leaving for school, long day today...


Days is a lifetime

Publicerad 2010-04-06 07:50:52 i Allmänt,

Yesterday it was snowing but to keep my spirit up I said to myself that this snow won't be here for long. And I was right! When I left from work the asfalt and the gras was visiable once again. But it was still grey and of course you must let a day or two be cloudy, thats the way of nature.

Today, the sun is showing her face again...

Ready for another day!

Its still where I am

Publicerad 2010-04-05 19:38:37 i Allmänt,

Good evening to you..
Just got home from a long day. I was working this morning and then took the train to Stockholm were the family went to see some Chinese dancing. Amazing!! So colourful and very fascinating.

Then we tried to find a box to put mine and Elins keys in for tomorrows renovation of the apartment (they are putting in some things :p) but when we found it it was crap and full so I have to get up tomorrow and call.. Well well...

Now I'm going to relax in my sofa, in front of the TV and Americas Next Top Model.


Knocking at heavens door

Publicerad 2010-04-03 21:50:23 i Allmänt,

And now I'm back home. Or actually, I've been home for one hour but I've been busy with other things.
Yesterday was lovely! The weather was so nice and I could use my new jacket for the first time. As we came to our relatives we were greated by atleast 10 people, small and big. And it was nice. We hade yummy berrycake and coffee. The children showed me their Nintendo DS ( I accidently called it a Game Boy and that was not appriciated :p). We had more to eat and the for supper with meat and nice potato and sallad. And I got the honour to hold a 3 week old baby in my arms and it was the best. Someday I reallt want my own. After supper we played some games outside with the older children, We played some fun tyoe of hide and seek. Man the kids today are advanced, when I was young we just had ran :p

Today granny came for easterdinner and the sun was shining.
Now I'm here, all alone and tired. Think I'll have an early night.

Happy Easter!!

Publicerad 2010-04-02 08:57:52 i Allmänt,

My week is officially over and I have a reason to take some time off studying since its Easter Weekend (but I'm still going to bring my Crude Chronicles with me, sigh). Today its Good Friday, the sun is shining and I'm getting ready to go to my parents and then we are off to visit some relatives and a baby :D

I'm happier today and my little blue-period yesterday blew over quick. Sometimes you just need to understand that you cant be that happy person that you want to be all the time.
What made me even more happy is that I got good reviews on my little discussion and our teacher actually used some of my ideas when he was talking at the seminar :)

Naa, now its time to get started, I have alot to do before I leave and I have to figure out what to wear :p

Don't fear

Publicerad 2010-04-01 23:35:30 i Allmänt,

My friends are important to me and no matter where life takes us I'm always going to be there.
To listen, to talk or to just say nothing.

I'm always there!


Publicerad 2010-04-01 10:29:55 i Allmänt,

This morning when I woke up it was raining. Its been ages since its been raining last and to be honest, its quite nice to hear the raindrops on your window. What is not so nice is that I have to go to the train in this weather. And today I woke up with a bad feeling in my stomach and I know why.
I also know that I bought new scarf from the Garden Collection at H&M and I'm already inlove with it...
Maybe a trip to school, some coffee and a phonecall can cheer me up a bit?


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