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Sense and sensibility

Publicerad 2011-03-31 12:16:07 i Allmänt,

Thursday and I've applied for some jobs. Took a walk to the university to get a form that I needed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will atleast be contacted for an interview.

I'm all frustrated. Not much work goes into finishing my essay. I've just ended up in some down period where I don't care and where I don't know what to do. Maybe its the fact that its close now, close to "the real world" that doesn't involve writing an essay?

And by the way, where is my income-tax return form? I want to know if I get money back!?!?

I'm loving it

Publicerad 2011-03-30 10:50:50 i Allmänt,

Back in Umeå. The exhibition is at the printers as we speak so I'm not so stressed about that anymore. However, it was a hectic weekend working on the final touches! I also had an event with YFU and it was nice to meet new people and get a chance to talk to old friends. The course we had on the sunday was brilliant, just my area of interest!

This morning I took a run, it feels much better now. Think I will do it monday, wednesday and friday and then I have the weekends off. I feel good after running. Fetched some new keys for my room and had a nice breakfast after that. Now I'm doing some washing, I had a load of stuff, my basket was full!!

The sun is shining outside. These coming weeks are going to be fun.
Falun, Åre, Stockholm, Linköping, Skövde. And in between I'm going to try to finish my essay and go search for jobs. Oh well ;)

For all that I've done

Publicerad 2011-03-27 17:06:11 i Allmänt,

I had an epiphany (isn't that the ugliest word in the English language!?!) on my way home from town.
Why am I in such a hurry, I don't need to be! Jo, it was such a revelation to come to that conclusion. And to actually feel good about it and o know what I need to work on...

To think, a long trainride does sometimes result in something good :)

Too early

Publicerad 2011-03-25 11:23:55 i Allmänt,

Been spending a hectic week at home and is having a hectic weekend infront of me. Spring is in the air and I just love spending time with my friends. I know for sure that I want to do that more often when I get back from Umeå. And I need it, right now I really do!

Later there's movie time with Emma and Mélanie :)
With Love!

Living is easy

Publicerad 2011-03-23 20:13:34 i Allmänt,

On monday I met little cute Johanna for the first time. And she was so sweet! Oh, I could just look at her forever!!
And I got to spend time with the bestest Elin too. And Jocke too of course :)
A perfect way to spend the evening<3


Publicerad 2011-03-22 20:58:22 i Allmänt,

Oh, I had the prefect couple of days in Åre. Unfortunately I can't upload any pictures, I took a detour to my parents house and I don't have the right USB :/ So I'll show you pictures later :)
Anyway, we've been skiing, tanning, dancing, talking, laughing, eating and shopping. It was so nice to see Mickan and Jessica again! Next year we will be all of us, me and Jessica has it all figured out ;)

It felt abit weird to be back and to start working again on monday.
So, to be continued with pictures later...

Leaving on a jetplane

Publicerad 2011-03-16 10:46:48 i Allmänt,

Just left Sundsvall and I'm on my way to Åre :) Going to spend some well deserved holiday there with Mickan, who works there, and Jessica :) Started early this morning so now I'm abit tired but its such nice weather outside so I don't care. Sleep is a later task :p And apparently me and Jessica are on the same train from Östersund and we have been given the seats opposite eachother, lekka :)

Åre, here we come!

I'm going to get my kicks

Publicerad 2011-03-14 15:20:09 i Allmänt,

I've been sitting with this page blank for quite a while. I want to write, I think I need to write but I don't know what.
I had a nice weekend with my sister and mommy <3. We walked, talked and shopped alot. It was so nice to really not do anything but still do something if you know what I mean.
Now its monday and I have no clue what I'm doing. I did actually get up this morning and I took my first run in ages. Jo, I'm in bad condition but soon I'll be back in shape.

With love!

Come on, show me a sign...

Publicerad 2011-03-10 20:44:35 i Allmänt,

Lots of blogging the last couple of days ey ;) I think it some kind of therapy when studying gets to my head. I'm going to try to go to bed early tonight. Tomorrow mommy and sister will arrive <3 But first I have some things to do. Study abit, clean the room, take a walk, go groceryshopping... Ja, so I have things to do tomorrow before I can call it weekend :)

And yey, I borrowed 8(!) new books aswell, among them 6 about Pierre Bourdieu. Sigh... I like his theory but his writing, complicated! Linnéa and Emelie, you read him haven't you?

Nothing compares to the feeling when you find something you can use. Like today, I came across Cross-Cultural Psychology :) Oh, I'm such a nerd :p


We might be laughing a bit too loud

Publicerad 2011-03-10 15:36:02 i Allmänt,

Okey, I drank my coffee quicker than you could say the words "coffeebreak". Haha, I really needed that, now I have abit more energy to sit abit longer. And to top it off, I had the best cinnamonbun to go with it. I mean, nothing tops homemade but jo, this was lekka. You know how they sometimes tend to be dry in the middle? Nope, not this one.. Mmm, lovely! :)

Back to work!

Where it began

Publicerad 2011-03-10 12:48:14 i Allmänt,

Its lunchtime here in school so I'm taking some time off to write here and wo read some blogs. Today studying goes abit slower but I've found a theory that is perfect for my work so I'm happy. So I've been reading about that and looking for books. As long as I'm doing something its going forward, and reading is just as important as writing so...

Naa, luncbreak is over. Coffee in 2 hours... Wish me luck :)

I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints

Publicerad 2011-03-09 22:19:54 i Allmänt,

My fingers are itching, I want to talk to him. But no, should I play the game and wait until he makes a move? Eish, I'm so bad at this so instead of texting him I'll write here, it works wonders actually :p

Today I spent the morning studying and reading. I really do like what I'm writing about and every day my interest grows. I want to know more! After lunch I walked downtown with Jakob and met Lina at Mekka. For those who live in Umeå, or comes here from time to time, Mekka is the bestest coffeshop! :)

Anyway, me and Lina sat for three hours having tea and semla. We were talking about boys, religion, jobsearching, respect, stupid people and school. Perfect way to spend an afternoon :)

Ending the night with some music.
This is such a nice song, it always makes me smile for some reason. Mark does a really good job I think! :D And he is by far the best singer in Glee with the far best "artisty" qualities. Me like!


We are the ones who make a brighter day

Publicerad 2011-03-09 10:06:05 i Allmänt,

I watched the news this morning and it hit me once again, people are so greedy and all they care about is money. Breaking the law or even taking advantage of the less fortunate is nothing that these people care about. Just aslong as they have millions in the bank they are happy. It would never even occur to me to break the law to earn more money.

I wonder where the world would be with little less greed and alot more humanity?!

Get messed up today, I'll be okay tomorrow

Publicerad 2011-03-08 23:11:55 i Allmänt,

I still love you, and I probably always will, but I can honestly say that I'm not inlove with you anymore.
It's a relief to know that I got through this with my heart still intact and still able to love, perhaps even more than before. I've learned what I deserve and who I am in a relationship. I've learned that it can take time and its okay. I've learned not to make someone the priority when they only make me an option. I know that I can never be in a relationship halfheartedly, its either do or don't.
I'm okay with this feeling that I have right now...

My dreams/My ambitions

Publicerad 2011-03-08 21:51:17 i Allmänt,

"But until then I've got dreams of loving you"

To find a cure for all the horrible diseases, to have peace on earth and respect, to feed everyone in the world, to make no one loose someone dear, that all the people we love will stay healthy and happy.
To just end all evil.
Those are dreams that I think alot of people have, including me.
Therefore I've decided to write about
my personal dreams.

To be frank though, I don't really see myself as a girl with vivid dreams, more like someone who has high ambitions. Nothing is really impossible. Therefore, my dreams to get a job after finishing uni, have my own little apartment, work abroad and just learn new things are also my ambitions. Maybe it sounds abit boring to go through life without any real dreams but I've learned to reach for them and they are now my goals. They can change every now and then or they can stay with me for a long time.

But there is one thing that I can't do anything about and that will be just that, a dream.
That is to meet Him with a capital H that sweaps me off my feet and take my heart away. With Him I want to raise a family and live happily ever after. No matter how high my amibitions may be or where ever they take me, to find that man that wants to be with me is something that I can only dream about.

Hopefully that dream will come true.

The small things

Publicerad 2011-03-08 12:54:41 i Allmänt,

Yey, this made my day! The coffeshop here doesn't accept cards when you buy something under 30:-. A coffee costs 7:-. I thought that I didn't have any cash in my wallet. But then I found this! Now I can even buy a cookie or some sweets to boost my energy :)

Looking for something dumb to do...

Publicerad 2011-03-08 10:48:47 i Allmänt,

I'm sitting in school today, its nice to get some variety instead of just sitting in my small room the whole day. The plan is to write some today. About the place and about the institution. And I've borrowed even more books. I mean, someday I will find something useful :p


Enjoy your day!

With Love!

Get me started

Publicerad 2011-03-06 23:46:18 i Allmänt,

So, what has today been like?
I woke up quite early (ahhh) and since it was still before a proper awakeningtime on sundays I decided to watch some Glee on my computer. One episode turned into three :p I got up, got dressed and headed for the kitchen. Breakfast and Vasaloppet, nice! I'm still so impressed by the men and women who are able to ski for 90 kilometres! The others joined and by onesih we were ready to go out in the nice weather. We bought hot dogs and buns. We also bought Finger Marie. Can you believe they never tasted them?! Finger Marie and warm milk = the best!! To top it off we decided to try Kexchoklad with blueberryflavour. Its was surprisingly good!

We had to walk for quite a while (including looking for a shop:p) to find a good place for braaing and we didn't find any firewood so we had to improvise but it was all good. At last we got our hotdogs. It started to get colder and we walked home. And I began to clean the corridor. It took 1 hour and 30 minutes but afterwards it looked so neat :)

And then for the best: I took a looooooong shower. I was so tired from all the fresh air, the walking and the cleaning and jho, that shower was the best! I then began with my fika and the evening finished infront of Big Brother.

Now I have to sleep, tomorrow it's monday and time to get back to business.

You are my sunshine

Publicerad 2011-03-05 17:31:01 i Allmänt,

When I checked my mailbox yesterday I found a package. I hadn't ordered anything and I wasn't expecting to have anything delivered.

What is this? Exciting!!

It was from Jennie:


The way you make me feel

Publicerad 2011-03-05 15:53:53 i Allmänt,

I went on a nice walk in the sunshine. I walked past the station and printed my tickets for Åre :) Can't wait, its going to be awesome! I'm looking for similar leggings for partying as I had in Köpenhamn (mine broke:(). Any advice on cool leggings thats not to expensive?

The walk did good, now I feel all calm and ready to work!
Took a long shower when I got home and drank coffee with the corridormates as we watched skiing and some space program.Tomorrow its time for a braai at Nydalasjön :)
Now I've been reading some blogs but now its time to write abit, an invitation...

Spring 2009

Tonight its time for dinner at Eve's with Melodifestivalen. I haven't watched anything this year so I have no clue what so ever :p
With Love!

Hold on to that feeling

Publicerad 2011-03-04 22:04:58 i Allmänt,

What a lazy friday. I'm already in bed after watching a movie in the corridor. About Brazil. I miss SA.
And I'm tired.

I'm looking forward to the coming weeks and weekends.
First up, my sister and my mom is going to visit me here in Umeå next weekend. I can't wait <3

Nitie nite :)

Down to the wire

Publicerad 2011-03-04 16:29:01 i Allmänt,

Now I'm abit tired. Been sitting almost the whole day working on my exhibit, making calls. Of course I made a break to watch the relay. Sweden took the silvermedal :)
But I must say, I don't like that Petter Northug at all! He shows no sportmanship what so ever. Of course he wants to tease the Swedes and make them angry but come on. People say that you have to be a little egoistic and narcissistic to win and to be the best. But you can do it in a cool way.

Look at Stenmark, he was the best and he was far from a show off...

Okej, now I've said my peace, haha...
Going to get some water and then I'm going to write some more.
With Love!

When I'm in need

Publicerad 2011-03-04 10:03:20 i Allmänt,

Oki, just have to give you a little tip before I start my studying.
Almost two weeks ago I was at The Body Shop. I bought a hairproduct but at the same time I got a little sample of a Vitamine E moisture mask. I always get a dry face, especially after showering now in the wintertime. My forehead goes all tight and it iches in my whole face.

I used that moisture mask every day since I got the sample and it works wonders!! I had to buy the whole thing :p You can have it on for the whole night if you want but what I usually do is put it on after showering in the morning and rinse it off after breakfast. Oh, I'm in love! ;)

From the tip of my toes

Publicerad 2011-03-04 08:37:17 i Allmänt,

Okey, today its sunny outside and I'm going to sit here and do my assigment, well well. Atleast its friday :)

At lunch today I will watch the guys hopefully bring home a goldmedal to Sweden in the relay. The girls took silver yesterday, happy! I really don't know how my studies will work the following days, I mean with world cups both in cross country skiing and biathlon. Uh ah ah...

With Love!

Lazy song

Publicerad 2011-03-02 20:50:08 i Allmänt,

I came home from Teg awhile ago. I was doing some YFU thing.
Anyway, isn't it amazing that I've been here for so long but still I have no clue about Teg. It was like going into a new world, haha... Tomorrow I'm going to Ersmark, also something new :p

Now I'm going to just relax.
With Love!


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