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To explain my emotions

Publicerad 2010-10-31 20:48:28 i Allmänt,

I could write lyrics and post videos from YouTube all night long but I'm not going to bore you with that. Today I've been listening to alot of music and its amazing how so many texts actually hit me... Sometimes it can be a whole song, sometimes just a line. What would I ever do without someone putting words to my emotions? I listen to music when I'm sad, when I'm happy, when I'm getting ready for a party, for school, when I cook and when I clean.

With Love!

Where do brokens heart go?

Publicerad 2010-10-31 16:26:14 i Allmänt,

One more hour of sleep this morning but now I just want it to be evening so I can go to sleep again.
Yesterday was very nice. First we had dinner with the girls. At about 11 we started to walk for REX and we had a drink before the endless walking around started. Hehe, its always the case when you are out aren't it? For some reason everyone seems to disappear. After a burger, some fries and a flat coke we took the bus home. I slept like a baby and woke up at 11 this morning:)

American History X and a quiz later I'm sitting in my room listening to music.
With Love!

Cause' I don't mind if you don't mind...

Publicerad 2010-10-30 16:40:41 i Allmänt,

I was so happy this morning because I could sleep as long as I wanted to. But ofcourse I woke up at 9 and couldn't fall asleep again so I got up after a while, did some washing and made a nice breakfast... And for the rest of the day, well, I don't really know what I've been up to :p I went to the shop because my juice was finished and the worst thing when waking up hungover is to find that you don't have any orange juice to drink... ;)
Tonight there is partynight again :)

Don't forget the clock tonight!!
With Love!

For a moment you can hardly breathe

Publicerad 2010-10-30 00:13:36 i Allmänt,

Friday evening was spent with Eve, Jimmy and Danne at Eve's place. We had pizza for dinner, watched Idols (I sure can marry Olle if he wants to!! :p) and played "throw the pigs" which turned out to be a quite interesting game :) Its was a very nice fredagsmys I must say, just perfect.
Before that I went to After School Pub with some from my corridor. We did a music quiz and just chilled for a while. I love my corridor!
After school, that by the way included my seminar which went perfect, I took the bus to town to visit Systemet and to by socks and stockings. Interesting huh? :p And by the way, how come the times I've been looking for stockings at H&M they don't have my size, whats up whíth that?!?

Now its saturday and I have to sleep!
With Love!

Hey there...

Publicerad 2010-10-28 22:14:09 i Allmänt,

This has been a hectic day, from nine to five :p Spent time with Ivan in school preparing my seminar for tomorrow. I'm quite excited actually, its going to be cool to hear the rest of the class. Went to the museum to check out the new exhibitions. So so I think but it was nice to visit.

I feel good tonight. This day has been an emotional rollercoaster but in the end I just feel calm. I hope this can last for a while now!

With Love!

This one is for you...

Publicerad 2010-10-27 15:51:37 i Allmänt,

You are all part of my being. No matter what I know I can count on you for advice or just a laugh. I can come to you for a coffee and just to talk rubbish. You believe in me when I don't. You tell me who I am when I'm doubting it.

The world might tear us apart sometimes but you will always be my friends! My life would be empty without you! <3

Two days

Publicerad 2010-10-26 17:20:03 i Allmänt,

And so my study motivation is down the drain :( I can't seem to get my head around the book we are reading and honestly, I don't care... I'm still tired from this weekend and there is too much going on in my life that I don't feel like understanding. I think I have to though, just a little time left before I can start with the project...

Today I managed to read 10 pages and I didn't understand any of it. All I did was have coffee and that is much more fun. Yesterday I met an old classmate, it was fun :) And I also went shopping...

Now I don't know what to do :p
With Love

A really lazy monday

Publicerad 2010-10-25 08:07:11 i Allmänt,

Oh, today I'm finding it hard to get out of bed :/ The alarm rang at 7 but I've been lying here for one hour just because I'm too tired and have no motivation to start reading a book that everyone claim is really hard. Sigh... Luckily I only need to be in town by 3 pm so I have time to get ready and get out of bed :p
I'm not going to have any trouble sleeping tonight, thats for sure...

Party like a rockstar?

Publicerad 2010-10-24 22:00:24 i Allmänt,

At the moment I don't even know why I'm still awake? I spent the whole day with my lovely corridormates and an evening with Mattias. Yesterday was hectic, that is all I can say :)
With Love!

Things have changed

Publicerad 2010-10-23 17:40:03 i Allmänt,

Eish, it comes and goes... Now I just want to lie in bed the rest of the evening:/
But I'm not going to sit here and waste away. Tonight Mattias is having a preparty and I thought I'd join. My economy at the moment may not allow for a night of clubbing but to go out and see people will do me good...
Took a walk earlier with music in my ears. Sadly it wasn't as cold as I expected it to be so its was already slushy outside... Hopefully it will snow before it gets cold again. I don't care to much for slippery ice on the pavements.
Nope, now I'm going to hit the shower.
With Love!

My love

Publicerad 2010-10-23 10:05:03 i Allmänt,

Wow, I just woke up! Amazing to be able to sleep this long, it was a while since I must say... What I'm going to do today? Well, I think I'm getting out of bed, eat some bf, find some stuff on the net for my seminar on friday, read everything, eat lunch, take a walk in the lovely weather (I think the museum will have to wait for tomorrow or something) and just have a night in.

From my window at the moment :)

Yesterday the guys in the corridor decided to go rent a movie since there was nothing good on TV. The rented Hierro, from the same director that did Barnhemmet (apparently :p). It was a movie that kept you in suspense all the time. I hate when its about loosnig children...
On thursday we saw Robin Hood. I was disappointed that it wasn't so much what I expected but for what its worth, Russell Crowe is cool. Anyways, I love the people in my corridor, they make me laugh and include me, eventhough I've been away for so long...

With Love!


Publicerad 2010-10-22 16:44:19 i Allmänt,

Sitting in my little room, its snowning outside my window, I have Spotify with all my favourite music and the blueberrycandles are lit. The only thing that is missing now is sweets and chips... Hm, wonder if I should take a white walk to ICA? I have nothing planned for this evening, maybe I'll watch some Idols? And yes, that demands atleast one item of unhealthy food...

With Love!

Like the open seas and shores...

Publicerad 2010-10-22 08:42:48 i Allmänt,

Friday, a new day :) In a couple of minutes I'm of for a whole day in school. First we have a seminar and after lunch I'm going to the library. I think that the library closes at 5 pm today so I'm going to try to sit there for the rest of the day and finish my book. I only have one chapter left so I think I will be able to. After that its weekend :D And I'm going to sleep! Its so nice when you finally get into the routines and when weekends actually feels like weekends. But I'll guess I'll start reading on sunday anyway, I have too :/

Its still the same but I have the best friends that always look out for me... I'm getting through this but it will take a while, its my first time :(

The waking up is the hardest part

Publicerad 2010-10-21 11:23:45 i Allmänt,

Eish, today is not a good day. To be honest, it started yesterday when I was getting ready for bed. All I could think of was how he drove his car on the way to the archives, with me in the passengerseat. The hardest part is to try to imagine that it might never happen again. And I also start wonderning if that feeling of joy and love will ever come my way again. But that's normal I guess?

Soon I'm going to have some lunch and after that I'm going to school to read some. I have to focus on something else. Yesterday I met Eve and we had a nice quiet evening with tacos and TV. We had a nice talk about alot of things that happened during these three weeks. She always makes me look at things from a different, more healthy perspective.

With Love!

We still play out in the rain

Publicerad 2010-10-18 19:03:12 i Allmänt,

Back in Umeå for a couple of weeks. Its going to be nice to spend some actual time in school for once, the reading is geting to me...

Had a lovely weekend in Örebro.
My brother and his girl stayed in a cozy apartment and eventhough they have just been living there for two months they have already created a home. It takes a while to do that! After brother picked us up at the trainstation we had lunch and then we took the bus to where they stayed. We had fika with some of his girlfriends relatives and after relaxing and watching MJ in Budapest we took the bus to our cousins house. At the moment the only one who was home was my aunt and she made yummy Lebanese food. I love food with a little edge and after we ate for hours we had some hot choco before we went home at past midnight.
On sunday morning my brother made french toast and we all had a perfect sunday BF. Later our parents came and we "fikade" before we took a walk in the woods near their house. Perfect for walks!! We had nice salmon for lunch and potatos and after that we had to leave since we had tickets to see John Cleese.
And that was so funny... He really has a naughty sense of humor that makes you laugh. :)
Well, that was that... A looong, perfect weekend <3

Now Im sitting in my room, preparing to go to the kitchen and make some supper. After a nap this afternoon I feel much better, I almost felt sick there for a while!
Now: Korv Stroganoff :)
With Love!

Its on!

Publicerad 2010-10-16 00:18:01 i Allmänt,

Spent the whole day today in Nynäs. But first of all, gosh, the weather today was so beautiful! The first time that I felt that its autumn and the sun was shining and the leaves were red... Started my day at the library in Nynäs. I thought you were taught very early that you are suppose to be quiet in a library, I guess I was mistaken :( But anyway, I managed to read more than 30 pages and after a quick spin in the centre I took a walk to Elin. We talked and just relaxed... In the evening we met Jessica at Willys to buy food for the evening. Mickan joined us and we had a nice, quiet "fredagsmys" with tacos and sweets. Watched Idols and discussed boys,exes and everything else between heaven and earth. Its nights like this that I was looking forward to when growing up. No partying(but of course thats fun too ;p) but just the fact that we can do what we want and I love it.
Sweet dreams! Tomorrow I'm setting the alarm on 7 am and me and sister is of to Örebro to visit brother and girlfriend:)
With Love!

I'm sure I've got bruises on my heart

Publicerad 2010-10-13 19:55:59 i Allmänt,

Today I've been in le city the whole day. Spent almost the entire day reading at the library and I finished my book. Yesterday I did the same but I had Emma as company. We had a nice talk and a nice hot chocolate at Waynes :) In the evening I met up with Jennie for supper and some shoppping. We also had a nice talk :) Its so nice to feel that I have all my friends there, supporting me in my decisions <3 Tomorrow I'm catching up with Karro after what will be another day at the library.

Yesterday me and Emma spend some time at the library in Kulturhuset. I've been there a quicky before but now we had some leftover time so we decided to sit down for a while. I looked through the book "Människa människa" with photos by the photojournalist Paul Hansen. I like his pictures, they are so full of life and so full of emotion. And this morning I read something funny written by Paul Hansen in DN. He was contemplating from where the logic of Sverigedemokraterna came and he ended the brief article with a quote from a graffitiartist: "Jag ska fan ta mig flytta till ett land som inte tar emot invandrare"... Maybe this graffitiartist is victim of the same weird logic he wondered :p

Also today I managed to find Nelson Mandelas new book "Conversations with Myself". Its funny though, yesterday at Akademibokhandeln they claimed that they wouldn't get this book, especially not in English, at any of their bookshops in Sthlm. But today I found it at another Akademibokhandel. Makes me wonder... Ah, well, I have it now and I'm almost 300:- poorer but I think I will start reading tonight :)

How about?

Publicerad 2010-10-09 18:32:14 i Allmänt,

Jeez, I'm so tired now!! Had a nice time with granny in Stockholm. Nice food and a nice restaurant. Now I just want to make popcorn and lie in the sofa all night! Maybe I will get my mom to dye my hair, if she is not asleep? Ah, well...
Have a nice night! Tomorrow I have a hectic day but with nice things only... Perfect sunday!! :)
With Love!

My nails are pink...

Publicerad 2010-10-06 10:32:17 i Allmänt,

I painted my nails and I'm putting on my new shoes and my new Danish knitted top. I can't just sit around here all day and get nothing done. I have alot of plans this week!

Wednesday: Today I'm going to meet Elin. I miss her!
Thursday: Meet Emma in Stockholm and go to the library. Studying and catching up, lovely!
Friday: Meet little Oskar for the first time :D In the evening its dinner out and some Indian dance at Dansens Hus :)
Saturday: Granny's birthday and we are going to eat at a restaurant in Hammarby Sjöstad.
Sunday: Housewarming at Emelie, Jonas and Jack :) Sushi and movie with the girls :)

With Love!


Publicerad 2010-10-05 14:41:43 i Allmänt,

I had a great weekend but now I'm back to the normal routines again and its killing me. My mind is racing and I'm close to tears every minute. I don't even know why, I know it was the right thing to do. However much I love him I need to think of myself and my happiness. In the end I didn't feel I got what I needed from the relationship. What hurts the most is that we were so good together, the little amount of time we were together for real. He saw me, I saw him. We listened. We cried. We laughed. We could be ourselves. But with the situation being as it is I don't know if I can go longer with my love on the other side of the earth. That is also killing me, making me miserable and no fun.

This will pass, I know it will. But its just hard to loose your first love...

Trying to find my way back home

Publicerad 2010-10-04 13:00:49 i Allmänt,

Back from Køpenhavn. What a weekend!! Filled with laughter and great friends. Dancing and sipping strong drinks. Boatrides and shopping. Castles and big breakfasts. Mozzarellasticks and new acquaintances. Tears and beer.

I can say that this weekend changed my life as I knew it and at the moment I'm feeling fresh and ready for a new start.
This weekend was what I needed...

Lover, you should have come over...

Publicerad 2010-10-01 08:08:34 i Allmänt,

Now why did I have to go and do that?!?! Am I stupid? I know its only going to make me more sad. I think my friends needs to be like Monica in "Friends" keeping Phoebe away from Mike... Yep, its decided! Atleast for the time being...


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