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Under your spell I fall victim to my own thoughts...

Publicerad 2010-12-31 11:05:06 i Allmänt,

This day didn't start as good as yesterday did but I guess I have myself to blame a little.

Jho, getting ready for a New Years Party takes the whole day!

Remove old nailpolish.
Shower and wash hair.
Wait for it to dry.
Pack a bag with stuff for tonight but also for tomorrow.
Eat lunch.
Straigthen hair.
Paint nails.
Put on make-up.
Choose what to wear.

But in the end I'm going to look fab ;)


I built my dreams around you

Publicerad 2010-12-30 23:32:29 i Allmänt,

Today I have...
... woken up to a nice text on my phone ;)
... been to Nynäs to buy things for New Years with mommy.
... shovelled snow of the roof.
... eaten "lutfisk".
... watched Sleepless in Seattle.
... been online on Facebook for too long.

Its also today that I've learned that my little nephew is going to be called Noel Valentin Fernström. I love it!

Soon its only 24 hours left of 2010. An emotional year.
I'll better go to sleep now.

A christmas list

Publicerad 2010-12-28 18:20:23 i Allmänt,

Cause I'm bored :p

  • How old are you in five years? Almost 29
  • Who was the last person you spoke to? My mommy
  • Which was the last movie you saw? Hm, Love Actually! A must at Christmas time...
  • What was your last text and to whom did you write it? It was a very long text to someone sweet ;)
  • What are the plans for today? Relax, change my bedding, eat supper and watch the 2010 Olympic memorial chronicle :D
  • When did you last see your mother? 2 minutes ago :p
  • What eye colour do you have? Brown..
  • When did you wake up today? Ehm, don't really know :p
  • Whick place do you prefer the least? Mornings at rush hour at T-Centralen!
  • What scared you as a child? Oh, I don't remember... To fall down high buildings.
  • Are you too young to own a vinyl record? I actually have one, the soundtrack to The Little Mermaid...
  • Do you sleep with or without clothes? It depends but never completely in the nude...
  • Have you ever thrown up drunk? Well, yes...
  • Do you prefer shoes, socks or barefoot? Ehm, socks most of the time... Barefoot in the summers.
  • Are you social? Yes, I would like to think so :)
  • What is your favourite ice cream? Old-fashioned vanilla ice cream...
  • Do you sleep at any particular side? Closest to the wall...
  • Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you? Actually I don't... Misha Barton is born on the same date though :p
  • Do you want children? Yes, especially after I became an auntie... But it has to wait for a couple of years (and until I find a man ;p)
  • Have you ever rode in an ambulance? Yep, one time but that was only when I was transported to one hospital to another...
  • Do you prefer the sea or a swimmingpool? The sea any time!
  • What do you prefer to spend money on? Travelling! I love it!
  • Choose a scar on your body. I have quite a few, my biggest one is at the back of my head from an operation.
  • Do you flirt alot? Haha, give me some alcohol and I'm a big flirt :p
  • Do you dance in your car? Haha, always when we went for long roadtrips when I was younger... Me and my siblings were rocking the backseat :p
  • When were you in church last time? At Oskars christening :)

My heart melts little by little

Publicerad 2010-12-28 17:17:48 i Allmänt,

Sitting here looking at the Christmas Tree and relaxing in front of the computer.
Having one of my funny chats with Elin ;)

Its dark outside and today we went to Farsta to exchange my skirt that was a tad too small. I came home with a nice shirt instead. When we came home we ate lunch and took a walk with some paper and stuff. After that we ended up here and I've been sitting here for 2 hours.
I won't study until next week so this is my holiday...
With Love!

Life is a mystery

Publicerad 2010-12-27 22:57:52 i Allmänt,

One of the best things about Christmas is all the games you play.
This year my mom and my dad got På spåret. A very fancy game with a DVD and whiteboards. The whole concept is exactly like in the TV-show where you travel from one town to another and you guess what town it is as you get clues on the way. We tried it yesterday. I actually came in second one time and I think I did good :)

The other game that the family got from "Santa" was När då då?. I played it a couple of years ago at Emmas and Eriks place in Umeå and I loved it! You are suppose to guess different years and put them in a timeframe. So much fun! I managed to win a couple of times :p

I really love these kind of games because you always learn something new!
Did you know that Bruno Mathson designed the chair Jetson and it was only in the mid 00's that they banned hunting fox with dogs in England?

Christmas gift

Publicerad 2010-12-27 12:53:53 i Allmänt,

My mom and my dad are so sweet. They got me and my brother this little egg. You put it in the fridge and then you put it in the water with your real eggs as you boil them. When they are soft-boiled the egg begins to play "Killing me softly", when the egg reaches medium the song is "I wish I was a hen" and as they are hard-boiled the egg plays "Carmina Burana". Perfect!!! :D

The only question now is: Why is there a picture of sperm on the container?!?! :p

Seek wisdom

Publicerad 2010-12-26 23:46:03 i Allmänt,

Hectic days... Filled with love and laughter :)
Christmas Eve was spent at home with the family. Jennie came over, we exchanged gifts and she stayed for a while :) My granny came over and we watched Kalle and ate lots and lots of food. When granny went home we opened our gifts and eventhough I have to go back with a few things it was a very good christmas.
On Christmas Day we went to my brother, his girl and their three day old son. And I can't even describe how cute he was and how amazing it felt to hold him in my arms. Its was the best feeling! We spent the day there and in the evening we went to eat turkey at my cousins house. It was my uncle, auntie, my three cousins, one boyfriend, my mom, my dad, my sister, my brother and his girl and the baby. Talk about full house! We had a really nice evening and we tried Iranian Caviar. The food was so nice!
We slept at a hotel and today we went to see the little family one last time before we went home. I can't even stop looking at the pictures!

With Love!

Waiting on the world to change

Publicerad 2010-12-22 12:16:10 i Allmänt,

The taxi that is taking me and my corridormate to the airport leaves in 30 minutes. Its going to be so nice to come home and relax and spend christmas with my family. Not that I've been so extremly busy lately but it still feels good with this holiday. For the first time in ages I'm looking forward to the calmness of christmas. I think its the cold and the snow :)

This morning I handed in my PM that will hopefully give me 15 more points. I've been accepted to Museology D and the course starts on the 20th January. Its only going to be me, one other person and the teacher. I'm really looking forward to reading about International museology. Hopefully I can also arrange to write some exciting essay which takes me somewhere in the world but I'm looking into what I can do at the moment. I also have to start looking for jobs and I'm full of dreams, hopefully they will all come true! This holiday is the startingpoint...

Ah, well, now I soon have to go...
I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for my bestest brother and his lovely girl and I'm so excited to be an auntie in just a few hours :D
With Love!

I have you to thank

Publicerad 2010-12-20 12:37:19 i Allmänt,

Its been snowing since friday. The picture is taken now, in one of the few hours of daylight. It takes its toll because I'm always tired and lack motivation what so ever. But still I love it and we are having a white christmas this year :)

Now I have to study, don't know what I'm still doing here :p
With Love!

I see you driving down the street with the girl I love

Publicerad 2010-12-16 11:57:36 i Allmänt,

I'm sitting in school, using their internet and keeping my fingers crossed that a package from Telia has landed in my mailbox when I get home. Today I'm going to work on my PM. The problem is that I don't really know what to do. Ah, just the final touches I guess. And I could have been done by now sitting on an airplane...

What more is new?

I feel calm, it was 23 degrees on tuesday here in Umeå, yesterday I ate nice dinner with Mattias and Eve and we had ice-cream in the corridor. The days are slowly passing by and I hope that this time my calmness will remain for a long time. This time I really do think so and if I could choose, it will!!
I'm also looking forward to being an auntie, I'm worried about my Elin and I'm almost done with all my christmas gifts.

With Love!

Sounded something like a songhook

Publicerad 2010-12-13 16:24:29 i Allmänt,

My Mobile Internet is now on its last breaths before I have to say goodbye to it. Luckily I'm getting a new thingie either today or tomorrow which is good. I'm sorry to say but my days are so long without internet. Atleast when you want it, its fine if you are doing something else but yeah, you get my point.
So thats why I've been abit "offline" this weekend. When my new internet arrives I will be better!

Next year all our trouble will be miles away

Publicerad 2010-12-11 00:02:23 i Allmänt,

This is one of my favourite Christmas songs. It is so calming and it fills your heart with warmth.

It always makes me think of Sleepless in Seattle and Meg Ryan with her thick white socks, her white PJs and her unruly curls.

Sorry I couldn't upload the Judy Garland one :/

You were still here

Publicerad 2010-12-09 14:37:11 i Allmänt,

Now I'm back in Umeå. Its not so cold as I thought it was going to be. However, my room smells of paint since they've painted my whole room white. It looks so nice with clean white walls :)

Enter sandman

Publicerad 2010-12-08 22:49:35 i Allmänt,

Tomorrow I'm going back to Umeå. Again... This time I'm staying for almost 2 weeks before I go home to celebrate christmas with almost the whole family. Maybe I will be an aunt by then and then we have a little baby baby to celebrate aswell :D
My gifts are far from bought but I think I have a little clue what to get almost everyone so its all good. Just have to get my act together and start spending money:p

Today I was in Nynäs and I spent the day with my favourite Elin. And in just two months I will be holding yet another baby. I'm so excited!! Me and Elin just did nothing today, like the good old days. We ate, had a little "fika", watched YouTube and just talked alot... Sort of chillaxing to put it in a cool way :p

With Love!

We are taking on the world together

Publicerad 2010-12-08 11:41:09 i Allmänt,

I've never been as full as I was yesterday!
The family were invited to eat christmasfood at Fjäderholmarna by my dads uncle and his wife. Jho!! Talk about food!!! I was full after the herring and salmon. And I hadn't even started on the main courses. And not to forget the desert table...  Mums as you say in Swedish :)

More than alot

Publicerad 2010-12-08 00:57:55 i Allmänt,

Jepp, now I'm back from La France and I had a lovely weekend. After flying to Paris and catching a train I got to Angers at 23.30. Mélanie and Peter met me at the station. We went home to their cozy apartment and had some tea before we said goodnight. And oh my word, the bed was heaven but the best thing of all, the blinds made the room pitch black and I slept like a baby the whole night! On friday however we had to get up quite early because Mél had school. 2 hours in Frenchclass and I did understand almost everything :) After that we took a walk down town and drank some "vin chaud" before we had lunch. At lunch we met Méls friend Channa and we had crêpes and cider in mugs. In the evening we where so tired so we made rice and Calamari and saw Cadillac Records accompanied with some beer. Before Peter came home from watching hockey we had some nice girltalk...

I slept like a baby this night too and on saturday we took a drive to Montreuil-Balley to see a nice French castle and to eat lunch at a little resaturant. The evening was spent with Channa, some wine, chicken and even more talking. On sunday we took it easy, watched some Swedish christmascalender and just had some coffee and lunch. In the afternoon we went to go see the original King Kong and after that I hade to catch the train for Paris again. Since my plane was leaving too early for me to be able to stay in Angers one more night I spent it at a little hostel in Montmartre. I managed to take the Métro all by myself but the walking part was worse, escpecially in a city where no one seem to speak English! After some help from Peter I finally reached my destination.

And now Im back in Sweden and everything that I have to do hits me again.
It was nice with a little vacation but most of all, meeting my lovely friend again <3

Winter wonderland

Publicerad 2010-12-02 09:15:16 i Allmänt,

Bye, I'm off to France.

I'm going to visit my lovely friend Mél!

See you on monday!
You all have a nice weekend :)
With Love!

Show me that horizon

Publicerad 2010-12-01 23:08:42 i Allmänt,

It's been a really cold day today but I like it. I just need to get a warmer jacket and some warm socks and then I think I'm all set to face the even coldet winter in Umeå.
I really wish I could do that thing that all my friends are doing when they are writing about a new topic every day. But straight away I would fall behind 5 days because tomorrow I'm leaving for La France. And I'm not taking my notebook with me...

What can I say, I love to travel!! :)
With Love


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