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You can't stop my shine

Publicerad 2011-05-31 16:54:21 i Allmänt,

Now my little room is empty and I have left the key to the landlord. I'm sitting in the commonroom at the moment, I'm only leaving at 6ish so the guys in the corridor was quite nice to let me stay until I have to leave. Its exhausting cleaning your room! I don't even have a kitchen but it still took 4 hours to get the room clean.. Jeez...

Now I'm going to paint my nails and just watch TV before I leave.

Are you in?!

Publicerad 2011-05-29 17:02:32 i Allmänt,

What a weekend. My last weekend in Umeå.
It started friday. I went to a party at Saras place. We had a blast and played a very fun "beergame" :) We ended up at Invito but I didn't stay long. Maybe it was all the stress that had built up in me that made me so hyper. Anyways, the night ended very good ;)

I usually know what to wear when I go out but not this time...

On saturday I was soooo tired. There were some trouble with Therese's keys (she used to live in the corridor) and she came over to hang here until they managed to get it to work. Me, Jakob and KG took a trip to Mariehem to watch some Brännboll. But it was so cold so after watching only one game we took a walk home instead. Started braaing at 5ish and from there on the party had started. The preparty was fun and we danced until we were all sweaty. Downtown though it sucked. There were so many people everywhere and in the end we ended up at Pipes of Scottland. I had some beer but I was tired and not in the mood so I took the bus home earlier and cleaned the kitchen.

Today I'm even more tired to say the least. And on top of that we have texts to read, in Norweigan and Danish, my eyes want to close just hearing about it :p

Just like the world is ours

Publicerad 2011-05-27 14:58:11 i Allmänt,

This morning I went shopping with Lina at H&M. They had "breakfast-shopping" for their clubmembers. I did bring home one dress and three shirts :)

This one I think my sister would love so I have to be careful this summer ;)

After school I wasn't sure what to do. But I was cold and it started to rain so I skipped going to Mariehem to watch Mattias and his guys play brännboll. Hope they qualifies for tomorrow cause then we are going there with the whole gang. So after I'd been down town for the second time today (Systemet :p) I headed home.

Tonight its partytime :D

Come stop your crying

Publicerad 2011-05-25 22:17:08 i Allmänt,

I managed to get to the library and hand in all my books, buy some new markers and print the essay that I have to read for friday. I was reading through it but I was so tired. At 13ish I met Marcus at Umeå2014 and we talked about our plans for YFU in the Glass-house on Rådhusettorget. So happy I made that happen for YFU! Ate lunch at McDonalds(bad Elin!), bought some boxes for moving and went home. I was so flippin' tired still so I took a little nap before my second reading of the essay.

I had dinner at 9 pm(!) and ran to ICA before they closed... I made this supernice and simple salmon with cream, mustard and garlic, yummy :)

Now that was my day...


Publicerad 2011-05-25 09:36:41 i Allmänt,

The sun is shining but I don't feel like doing anything today. Had a rough night where I first couldn't sleep, started to think about moving and how I would like to decorate in the future. When finally I fell asleep I woke up just a few minutes later of some people singing outside. Since our fan in the corridor doesn't work it means that you have to sleep with the window open and suddenly all the noises outside sound 10 times more. When the people outside moved and the singing stopped I could finally sleep again but then, I started dreaming this terrible nightmare where this man, fat and ugly wanted to rape me and I ran for my life. So when I could sleep it was not a good sleep.

Running this morning was terrible. I think I'm stressed and I feel ugly today :(

But na, now I'm going to get my act together!! The weather is nice, I only have reading to do before I finish and in one weeks time I'm going to be in the south again! :D

Of to the library to hand in some books and after that I'm going to town for a meeting.
Away we go :)

Cause baby you're a firework

Publicerad 2011-05-24 11:33:00 i Allmänt,

Yey, now my thesis is emailed!!! 13,5 MB, thats alot of work. I'm so relieved right now I almost feel like jumping up and down. After lunch I will continue with some reading for a seminar we have left. No time to rest, haha...

Let your heart decide

Publicerad 2011-05-23 21:31:18 i Allmänt,

On friday morning me and Lina are going "breakfast-shopping" at H&M. As a clubmember I was invited to come and to bring a friend with me. Its 20% on everything and they serve breakfast. I have few things that I want to buy, lets hope I find them :)

I love these shorts, imagine with tanned legs and Converse...

One day in your life

Publicerad 2011-05-23 11:52:53 i Allmänt,

Its 25 hours until my thesis has to be handed in.I can't wait for it to be over!!! And I feel as good as ready. Now only some small things has to be added, like references and stuff. I would have been done by now if it weren't for the evil formalities. And of course I have to write the summary aswell.

So I think its time to start now.
Auf Wiedersehen!

Dancing on the street instead

Publicerad 2011-05-22 22:56:19 i Allmänt,

By the way. On my way home from the busstop I walked through an area called Tunnelbacken. As I was walking some guys started making strange noises from a balcony. When I had passed they started coughing, too loud for it to be a real cough. They obviously wanted attention but I just walked on by but in my head I thought:

Fuck you jävla töntar!

I wasn't even there when Mickan said it that night at Telegrafen but its legen.... wait for it.... dary ;)


Publicerad 2011-05-22 22:28:48 i Allmänt,

Spent the weekend at my granny's place in Sundsvall. I helped her with some stuff at the summerhouse and we ate delicious food and talked alot. The weather was so so but we had a nice saturday. Its always so calming to go to the summerhouse.

Now I'm tired...

But that don't mean i can't get you there

Publicerad 2011-05-19 21:35:13 i Allmänt,

Spent the evening with Mattias. We took a walk in the nice weather and after that we were hungry so we ate some food together. Some wok, yummy... I just love the fact that you can do that, you have no plans at all but the evening turns out perfect anyway :)

Dance the night away

Publicerad 2011-05-19 09:18:14 i Allmänt,

Its been too long since I danced the night away.
I want to party. I want to dress up and feel smoking. I want to dance with my favourite people in the world. I want to dance with a sexy guy. I want to drink drinks and beer and wine. I want to come home with blisters on my feet. I want to feel that uiks feeling that you wake up with the next morning.

Good then that Brännbollsyran takes place in a little more then a weeks time ;)

Turn the music up

Publicerad 2011-05-18 18:25:53 i Allmänt,

Eish, why is everything finished and espected to be delivered in the middle of June when I finally want alot of things on H&M?! I need new things for summer. I need new things for Turkey :D

Today I just spent the first 3 hours in school. At 12ish we took a walk down town and had Indian Buffet. Gosh, I ate tooooo much. After that we walked around abit, I was looking for a gift for sister and some underwear so I can wear the things I do have for summer...

Now I'm going to do nada...

Do you remember?

Publicerad 2011-05-18 08:00:02 i Allmänt,

This is starting to be like a work-out blog, I'm sorry... But writiing here keeps me motivated to keep going. Posting it here means no turning back ;) Another thing that keeps me motivated is that my sweet mommy bought me some nice clothes to run in.

With this pink jacket, who doesn't want to run?!? :p

I ran longer today but in the same amount of time so I think its time to run even longer. I can already feel I'm doing much better. A walk tomorrow to scout for a new lap will do the trick.  I know the area but with all this building that is going on you never know what roads might be closed :p

Going to take a shower now, then school, then downtown to eat Indian Buffet :D

Day 10: A confession

Publicerad 2011-05-17 21:22:34 i Allmänt,

In the 7th to 9th grade I was close friends with a guy in my class. We had the same ambitions, we wanted to make the best out of school and we worked perfect together. Me and my girlfriends and him and his gang used to hang out at lunch and yeah, we spent some of our freetime together. Sometime during these years he told me he liked me. And I said I didn't, even though I just at that moment wanted to scream that I liked him back. I was just to scared.

Day 9: 2 songs I like

Publicerad 2011-05-16 22:56:34 i Allmänt,

Tracy Chapman - Fast Car. I just love love love this song...

Usher - DJ Got Us Fallin in Love.
It makes me want to dance and think about København ;)

If I fail, if I succeed

Publicerad 2011-05-16 22:42:24 i Allmänt,

Came home from Eve a couple of minutes ago. She had made a lekka sallad with tomatoes, pesto, pasta, halloumi and stuff.. Yummy! After that we watched Vetenskapens Värld and talked about everything we missed out on these past weeks. Can't believe its only 2 weeks left until I leave Umeå! Don't know when I'll be coming back again... :/

Me and Eve, my birthday 2009. I look so young!!

Mr. Brightside

Publicerad 2011-05-16 18:27:26 i Allmänt,

Despite the pouring rain this morning I was stubborn and decided to run anyways. And it was so nice running in the rain! I was even able to run abit longer then I use to :D

Now I'm in the library as usual, going to write this and then pack up to go to Eve for dinner and girltalk. Jo, we haven't seen eachother in ages!

Haha, yes, as you can see I'm sick of this now.
Writing and reading, I just want it to be over... And as usual in the end of writing your essay you start doubting everything you've written and you just want to start over again.

On the bright side tho, I'm seem to be getting some kind of control over my stubborn eyebrows :p

Sunday blues

Publicerad 2011-05-15 10:53:51 i Allmänt,

Why is it that sundays, no matter what you do the day before, is a bad day. My breakfast tasted wierd, my head is hurting and above all, its raining outside. I wonder if I should get my act together and read some now before I head to the library when they open at 12? Naa, who am I kidding... I'll read what I need when I get home, the library only closes at 4 so...

Tonight its hockey, I wonder if I should hope for the best and watch it here or if I should find crash someones place?!

Dance dance like its the last last night of you life life

Publicerad 2011-05-14 20:45:09 i Allmänt,

What a perfect saturday! :)
Started the day at the library, got a sms about a trip booked for me, Jessica and Michaela in August. :D:D:D

Sweet, awesome and all the rest :D Can't wait!

At 12ish I met up with Mattias, we took a trip to town and ended up having a cold beer and lots of food at Allstar.

Jupp, what I needed!!

Mattias is my sweetheart! We took the bus home and had coffee watching some fotball. When I grow older I'm going to buy a team and their colour is going to be purple, jepp ;p At 5 his friends came over and they played some UFC (fighting came :p) while I was just watching. Some eyecandy but thats in the past... They are a fun gang, but a bit crazy.. We're never going to survive unless we are a little crazy ;)

Now I'm home, going to watch some TV now I think...

Lekker ne?

Publicerad 2011-05-13 11:21:46 i Allmänt,

20 minutes of jogging, a nice shower and breakfast and now I'm in school. Its friday today and it feels so awesome!

Tonight its Sweden - The Czechs that plays the semifinal in the hockey world cup. Go Sweden!
Tomorrow its Eric Saade in the Eurovision Song Contest Finale. Go Sweden!

Its going to be a good weekend after all!

Summer joy

Publicerad 2011-05-12 18:56:43 i Allmänt,

Nope, time to call it a day. Or atleast get my stuff and leave the library, I still have some reading to do when I get home :p I've spent almost the whole day, since 9 am infront of the computer so now, no more for today. Maybe I haven't studied alll the time but more then 10 pages, including pictures, might be enough for today.

Lina came to school and we had lunch and coffee and we talked :) Talked for two hours. And gosh how I missed that!! I've been on the go all the time and even though I've been around people some girltalk was needed.

And to make it all better, the weather was great!

With Love!

See you later

Publicerad 2011-05-11 22:32:34 i Allmänt,

Now its enough studying for today.
After jogging this morning and spending the day in the library I think I need some sleep now.
It was so warm outside and the sun was shining, it was depressing to sit inside. But apparently the weather will be bad the following days = good for your studies :p

Had lunch with KG in Lärarhuset. Jo, its so nice there and new! Shame, Humanisthuset still looks as it did in the 70's...

But the coffee is cheap and I like Humanisthuset :)

*Humming* Nananananaaaaaaa

Publicerad 2011-05-09 21:29:53 i Allmänt,

My blog has been down for awhile but hopefully you can read it now :)
I'm back in Umeå, the flight up was problemfree and I was in the company of Foppa ;) He looked a bit tired...
When I came home I took a walk to school with some people from the corridor. Nice to see them again!! :D Now I just need to see the rest of my friends too!! I went to the library to return some books and read some. But unfortunatly my book was not there so I had to go home instead. This means that I have to write about the book later, sigh...

Instead of spending the day in the library I went home, did some washing and read a little about Bourdieu.
I've decided to try some LCHF food. Not that I need to loose weight at all but I just figured that I didn't want to eat pasta anymore so why not try this? Tonight I had some cauliflower/broccoli/creme fraiche-mix with salmon and mushrooms. It was actually very nice!! Although I think I fried the mushrooms with a bit to much garlic :p

Okej, now I'm going to make my bed and read some more before I sleep.
With Love!

Working hard to get my fill

Publicerad 2011-05-08 22:22:40 i Allmänt,

With a red face and stuffed on popcorn I think its time to go to bed now...
Tomorrow its time for Umeå again. I've missed my little room, the freedom to do whatever whenever. The room that I have decorated all by myself and that looks almost like I want it to. I've missed my friends up north and the parties. I'm going to try to make the best out of the few weeks that I have left in Umeå. That last couple of weeks as a student.

In June its time to say hello to the "real world". I can't wait!
But I'm sure going to miss being a student. And I'm going to miss Umeå...


Publicerad 2011-05-05 22:54:29 i Allmänt,

As I was eating lunch today, all by myself in the restaurant opposite the library there was an artwork on the wall. Someone had made small pictures on each of the 52 cards in a deck. They were all so cute and there was four categories among them love and happiness.

This is a very blurry pic from my phone but I fell for this specific card:

Jag föll ganska stillsamt tills jag föll för dig


I wish I could change the world for you

Publicerad 2011-05-05 10:34:54 i Allmänt,

The spinning yesterday was sooo much fun! It was exhausting and for a moment there I thought that my legs where going to die a little. And when I got cramp in my left calf I thought I was going to give up. But no, I took it easy for a while and then I was over that famous threshold. The funny thing is even though I do feel my legs today the worst stiffness is in my arms, writing this is not very comfy :p

After that me, Tayfun, Margareta and Johan went to Alpina for pizza. They were huge but so lekka. I should have done as Margareta who ordered a smaller one. When we got back to the house we were all tired.

This morning I had trouble getting up but I managed and now I'm here at the library again. Tonight there is a informations gathering with YFU at the college.

Me in my new YFU t-shirt :p

Just another day

Publicerad 2011-05-04 10:59:52 i Allmänt,

In the library again. Not much fun going on here, its the same every day it seems like. But today I am going spinning with the mother, the son and Tayfun. I will probably be a mess afterwards because I haven't been running for ages :S But its going to be fun to try spinning, I've always wanted to do that.

Yesterday, both the glasses in the exhibition and almost all the pens to write with was stolen. I believe it was some youngsters trying to be cool. In our guestbook the've written some not so nice stuff aswell. To think that we made it all the way to Skövde before this. I was actually prepared but blä, it is still not funny :( And the weird thing is is that who thinks its cool to write "supa" in the book. Poor guys, they just need attention...

Seasons in the sun

Publicerad 2011-05-03 17:17:09 i Allmänt,

I'm at the library here in Skövde writing some on my essay. Tayfun from YFU is sitting opposite me studying English. The weather is strange outside. Its snowing, hailing and then suddenly its all sunny and warm, hm. At the moment is raining and to be honest, I think it might be time to take the bus back to Erics place. I was thinking of walking but na...

At the moment I'm abit angry though. And its good that I'm angry and not sad or upset. He doesn't want to loose me as a friend but I'm sure is sick of this now....

Just a little thought...

Publicerad 2011-05-02 14:05:32 i Allmänt,

Does anyone really think that just because the Americans killed Usama Bin Ladin the craziness will stop?!?
There is definitly someone waiting in line to take over and the killing will continue...

Allt det här med att vara påväg nånstans

Publicerad 2011-05-02 12:46:27 i Allmänt,

This travelling up and down really takes its toll. If it were just me and my bag it would have been fine, I love to travel and see new places, but with the exhibition that I have to carry with me it it all becomes very tiring. So now I almost can't keep my eyes open. But still, I like Skövde. Maybe not as much as Linköping but still, they have a big park that looks amazing to sit and "fika" in...  And it turns out now that I will leave Skövde on saturday which means I have a day to relax at home before I need to go to Umeå again. Thank you!

Yesterday was Noels day.
Its was his "namegivings-day" in Folkets Hus. I cried when my sister sang, when my brother played guitar and when Cecilia sang. Noel is the cutest but my god, he is heavy now!! Couldn't feel my arm after a couple minutes of carrying him <3

After we cleaned up we went home and had my favourite for dinner, salmon and potato :) After supper I went to Jessicas place. We watched BB and ate blueberrypie and drank tea. Jessica made the pie and it was yummy <3

Na, now I think I will walk over to the coffee shop here in the building and drink some coffee before I fall asleep.
With Love!


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